A positive path for spiritual living

Youth & Family Ministries

The Youth & Families Ministries team is here to guide our youth
and help them grow spiritually through Unity's teachings.
We, as a whole, celebrate the divine within each of our youth
through fun learning experiences. YFM is a place where youth
can feel safe, loved and connected on their spiritual paths.


YFM Team Celebrations!

Our YFM Team is active and ready to serve our youth!  

Our team includes Bev Freeman, Sunset Horon, Alicia Burkhart and Sandy Stober.  

Please continue to hold our YFM program in your prayers as we affirm: United in love we provide a positive environment for our children to discover and express their spiritual nature.  









Baby Blessings!




 Working together...


 A Child's Affirmative Prayer

From the Affirmative Prayers brochure from Unity World Headquarters

Table Blessing

For daily food

For loving care

Dear God I say

My thank-you prayer  by Florence Taylor


 Children's Chat ... during service