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Unity of Lehigh Valley Important Communication

Most of you are probably aware that Governor Tom Wolf has declared a state of emergency for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and has closed all non-essential businesses in Montgomery County.  Additionally, the Lehigh Valley has its first confirmed case of the new COVID 19 virus.  In Governor Wolf’s press conference, he stated: “The Wolf Administration encourages religious leaders to exercise discretion in order to mitigate the spread of illness.”  We understand that social distancing is currently the most effective way to contain the spread of the virus.  The Board of Unity of Lehigh Valley is considering the health of our congregants and staff, many of whom are at higher risk from infection.  Therefore, the Board has made the decision to Live Stream Reverend Joy’s portion of the Sunday Service on our Facebook page at 10:20am on Sundays March 15, 22 and 29.  The video will be downloaded to our website later in the week.  The video will include the Daily Word, the sermon and meditation.  This is all new so please be patient with the process! The board will reassess conditions on March 30th and make any further needed decisions and communicate those decisions.

We are a spiritual community!  We practice spiritual principles.  The decisions being made are coming from a place of claiming the power of our individual and collective connection with the One Power and One Presence and our ability to continue to shine our light in the world.  What can you do?

  • Pray!  Daily, hourly, moment by moment connect with Spirit.  Know in the deepest part of your being that wherever we are, God is. We co-create an awakened world of peace, harmony and abundance as we know this truth in thought, word and action. The new Silent Unity number is 816-969-2000.  24 hours a day, 7 days a week someone is available to pray with you or you can listen to recorded prayer messages.
  • Connect with one another.  Now is the time to take advantage of phones, emails and even old-fashioned notes and cards.  We know our oneness is real and we make an effort to bring that into manifestation even without touching hands!
  • In our prayer time we affirm that God is our Source!  We know that in the outer world there will be economic ripples of the impact social distancing and illness has on business.  Knowing God as our Source we breath into a sense of the openness of generosity.  We continue to tithe to Unity of Lehigh Valley as our expenses continue. Donations can be made via our website DONATE button, by mailing a check to ULV, 26 N 3rd, Emmaus, PA 18049, or by setting up automatic bill pay through your bank.
  • We share the resources of time, talent and treasure we have with those who would benefit. The hoarding consciousness of human fear is not abundance.  We do what we can to support those small businesses being impacted.
  • Make time to continue your spiritual practice.  Sign on to Facebook on Sunday morning or set a time to watch the video.  Reverend Joy will continue the Transition Series acknowledging that we find ourselves in an even bigger transition than initially considered. 

How will this impact the operations at church? 

  • The Live Stream on Facebook will be recorded from Reverend Joy’s residence so church will not be open on Sunday. Notices will go out via the phone notification system, email through Constant Contact and a sign on the church door for the Sundays we are closed.
  • The office will be open on Wednesdays.  Feel free to contact Karen in the office or Reverend Joy via phone as usual (610-965-3036) or email (unitylv@rcn.com or revjoy@rcn.com) Phone messages and email are checked regularly. If you’d like to sit in the Prayer Chapel or access the church, please plan to visit on Wednesdays from 8:30am to 3pm.
  • The Wednesday Email will continue to go out each Wednesday.
  • Staff will continue to be paid their regular salaries during this time.
  • The chaplains and Reverend Joy will be available for prayer.  Please look for emails and phone calls as our primary means of connection.
  • Reverend Joy is available for spiritual counseling via the phone or Zoom.  Please call or email for an appointment. 
  • We will be utilizing an email vote for the Special Membership Meeting that was scheduled for March 15th.  Members will receive an email (or phone call for those without email) on Sunday and final votes will be counted at noon, March 17th. The Board continues to make plans for Reverend Joy’s retirement and will share information with Members as it is available. 
  • This is a time for creative ideas about “how to do church”!  Please share an idea that you might be willing to implement by emailing Reverend Joy or someone on the Board.  Please support and acknowledge the ways the board and staff and chaplains are working to maintain our spiritual connections.  The Universe is ready for us to expand and here we grow! 

Marisa Lenci                                     Reverend Joy Wyler-Bradburn

Board President                                 Senior Minister