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It's Not Over When It's Over

The title of tonight’s vesper is catchy and actually the title of a song I like.  It is a bit irreverent, if you can imagine that, with a rocking, bluesy beat.  Yet in its essence, it is Unity—the soul lives on and it never dies. 

Typically, we think of resurrection only in connection with Jesus and Easter.  Yet there are other stories of death not being the end.  The prophets in the Old Testament raised people.  Jesus lifted several people up from death.  The theme of overcoming death is really centered on faith. 

Vesper 3 25 Pressing Reset

There is a meme for everything these days and I’ve seen memes about mother nature putting us in “time out” and God pressing “reset”.  Of course, it made me think of times in the Bible when God pressed reset.  There are two examples in the first two books of the Bible so apparently it is an ancient problem.

Do You Have A Dream?

This past Monday we celebrated the work and the legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Perhaps one of his most quoted speeches is titled "I Have A Dream". What he outlined in that 1963 speech was both the reality manifesting in the world and the possibilities he envisioned, worked for and believed in.


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