A positive path for spiritual living

Skills in Community

The Buddhists have a gentle way of referring to actions and behaviors that we may perceive as hurtful or harmful: unskillful.     
On any given day, my skill level varies.   
Some days I am peacefully centered in the truth of my being and I act from the essence of love and compassion I am!  Other days, not so much.  Other days I am distracted by the busy-ness of activities and I allow the skill level of others to pull me to their level.  When I take a breath, this is a great reminder of the power I have to pull others to a skill level that may be kinder, more compassionate and more forgiving than the level they are operating at in the moment. The direction of the pull and the skill level is truly my choice.  I get to choose over and over again.  I have the opportunity to use interactions to improve my skill level or the amount of time I operate from the essence of love rather than the essence of ego.  Ego looks for unskillful behavior in others as an opportunity to condemn, take offense and respond in anger.  Love sees unskillful behavior in self and others as an opportunity to bring a new perspective into play and inject more love and compassion into the interaction.  
A community is a gathering of individuals and every individual operates from a variety of skill levels every day.  So Sunday at church is no different than any other community on any other day.  Our skills vary. And we have the opportunity to work on our own skill level in every interaction at church on Sunday, in our family every day, in our workplace: everywhere we go--all the time!
I invite you to pause a few times a day and just check-in with yourself. "What is my skill level right now?  Do I appear skillful or unskillful?  Would I like to make a change?"  You have infinite potential.