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Simply Summer

Simply Summer
I love the simplification that summer brings. 
We cast off the layers of clothing we needed to keep warm.  Our wardrobe decisions narrow, sometimes eliminating a choice of shoes.  There are brighter colors in our choices.  
Water becomes a source of instant entertainment.  Whether it is a pool, a garden hose, a squirt gun, a lake or an ocean, just add people and enjoy.
I can make a couple pots of flowers and a bird feeder my paradise.  Staying engaged outside, every hour is a wonder.
Through it all, I discover God.  I re-connect with the divine energy throbbing in life everywhere.  The divine energy is not absent in winter, it just seems quieter, requiring a bit more effort to immerse myself in.  
Let summer simplify your life.  Take off some layers of stress and anxiety and abandon yourself to God's good, everywhere present.
 Rev Joy