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Love Fiercely

A few weeks ago, Marianne Williamson spoke to the Unity Eastern Region ministry fall conference in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Next month the trial will begin for the man accused of killing Heather Heyer by driving a car into a group of anti-hate protesters at the Unite the Right white supremacists rally.  Marianne was passionate about taking a stand for civil rights for all and speaking out in favor of peace and love.  She said something that struck a cord with me.  She said, "The Haters have more conviction."  

Unity teaches us the power of energy.  I don't think Ms. Williamson meant those who espouse hatred for others are more convinced they are right than the people who espouse love and inclusion for all.  I think she meant those who espouse hatred right now are putting more energy out into the world than those who espouse love.  

Love is a higher vibration.  There is no doubt.  The question may be about the power we put into the vibration we send out.  Are we wishy-washy about our belief in love?  Fierce is a word that can mean aggressive in an intimidating and cruel way and it can also mean a heartfelt intensity.  Perhaps we are being called to match the cruel aggressive hatred with a heartfelt intense love.  Perhaps we are being called to love as fiercely as others hate.  It may feel paradoxical to use the adjective "fierce" with "love" and yet it is the level of intensity needed to shift the energy.  

When a warm front meets a cold front, the weather is usually stormy and unsettled.  We may continue to see signs of stormy weather around us.  My invitation is to love fiercely and put your energy into moving our consciousness towards more love.  If your head says, "I hate the violence", let your heart yell, "Yes, I'm going to love the violent ones too!"  Always focus on the soul you are loving, not the ego driven actions. "I'm going to love the lost and the angry and the ones not listening to the message of love and inclusion.  I will love them until they open to love."  The words to Here I Am Lord say, "I will break their hearts of stone.  Give them hearts for love alone."  Only a fierce love will break hearts of stone. Love fiercely.                     Reverend Joy