A positive path for spiritual living

The Invitation

Our sermon series has been around the Ten Commandments but with a slightly different perspective than we might be used to.  Most of us learned the "Commandments" as demands God makes upon us.  
Looking more deeply, we have discovered these are invitations into an expansive relationship with the Divine that enriches everything in our lives.  It makes me reflect on how many things are revealed to me as invitations into greater freedom, greater peace, greater health and greater love, yet I resist.  Thou shalt get rest, eat healthy, exercise in moderation, meditate, journal, forgive, tithe.  Are these commandments or invitations?  
The sun comes up, the birds stir, and I am invited into the creativity of a new day.  Or am I commanded to drag myself out of bed into another 24 hours of work, relationship struggles, worry and fear?  The stars come out, the katydids sing and I am invited into the peace of gratitude for the day I've created, the love I've shared and the gifts I've received.  Or is the darkness a commandment to finish all the unfinished business before I fall into a restless sleep for a few hours?  
How many invitations do we ignore because we see them as commandments and ignore the beauty and possibilities? Perspective is the lens we view our world with.  Change your perspective and change your life.   Listen for the still small voice inviting you into life!
Reverend Joy Wyler-Bradburn