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Gratitude is the Altitude of your Attitude

Gratitude is the altitude of your attitude
    I thought of the above statement in meditation one morning. The extent to which I am grateful is a measure of how lifted up or mired down my thoughts and attitude is.  That is a grateful little pig flying in the air! And the attitude I aspire to.
    I looked up the words in the phrase and found a variety of sayings tying altitude and attitude and even one or two that included gratitude. But nothing that said exactly what I am saying: Gratitude is the altitude of your attitude.  If you are living in gratitude, you have elevated your thoughts and attitude to the highest altitude.  Gratitude is an open connection to Spirit with love. Without gratitude, our thoughts cannot reach much altitude or get very high.  Whenever I find myself feeling like "poor me", that's what I consider having my "mind in the gutter".  When my awareness is focused on lack or limitation, I am reminded this is what Charles Fillmore meant when he said, "poverty is a sin".  Experience has taught me the most efficient elevator for my thoughts and attitude is to begin to list my blessings.  Health, love, work that inspires me, my gardens, backyard nature; and soon gratitude begins to lift the altitude of my attitude.  
     Today, acknowledge that gratitude is the altitude of your attitude and see where you are.  If you are not on the mountaintop, begin to list your blessings.  And while you are at it, say thank you to those around you!  
Rev Joy Wyler-Bradburn