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Be Impeccable With Your Words

Juan Miquel Ruiz popularized the 4 Agreements; ideas from Toltec wisdom.  Unity teaches the power of our words to manifest or call forth energy from the ethers. And yet, often we are unconscious about the words that come out of our mouths.  
Election time is upon us once again.  Turning on the television or radio exposes us to an onslaught of words; some of them defaming, some exaggerations, some perhaps boldly untrue.  It is easy to return the volley and match generalization with generalization, each exaggerated or untrue.  Polarizing issues dominate the news, inviting us to see a situation as either black or white and shades of gray are lost in the diatribe.  
Each of us has a "circle of influence" or a group of people who interact with and observe how we live our lives.  Our words have an impact not only on the ethers but also on our circle of influence.  What would happen if we refused to engage in unconscious and irresponsible conversations and instead chose to be impeccable with our words?  We cannot change how the politicians speak, but we can listen and investigate and discern what aligns with our values.  We cannot change how the media portrays issues but we can listen and investigate and present a broader view in our conversations.  We don't have to agree to be impeccable with our words.  We can be respectful, honest and limit our words to what we know and feel is true for us.  If someone else is being impeccable with their words, acknowledge that.  
For peace to prevail, we must seek out and embody a different conversation on important matters of common interest.  Be impeccable with your words.  Love one another.  We are the ones to be the change.