A positive path for spiritual living

9 year Anniversary

Anniversaries are times to both be present to this NOW moment and reflect a bit on how we got to now.
Celebrating 9 years serving this community is humbling.  My mom still reminds me I missed her 80th birthday to be at ULV to try-out on February 8th, 2009.  I still have vivid memories of driving my aging station wagon cross country, loaded with the possessions I would live with for 6 months.  The journey began on a Sunday, finding a Sears automotive center open to replace a dead battery.  My fish "Lucky" made the trip with me in the cup holder.  He came in the hotel that night with me, too cold to stay in the car.  
Life unfolds just one day at a time.  That is the only rate we currently experience the phenomena we call time.  3,285 days later, there are lots of memories.  We can all reflect on lessons we learned and lessons we wished we'd learned.  We can see the changing faces in our community; celebrating each unique expression of spirit, remembering those no longer visible.  We have opportunities to practice forgiveness, to practice love, to practice our skills in creating peace.  Church remains our relationship laboratory.  We are grateful for gifts received and gifts that are ours to give. We experience ULV individually and as a part of the greater whole of community.
Today I reflect with love and gratitude on all the days of ministering with Unity of Lehigh Valley.  I give thanks for the many individuals who support our community and me personally.  I am in awe of the variety of ways Spirit has worked through this ministry to transform lives, make an impact on the Lehigh Valley and shine a light out into the world.