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Life is not a competition

I’ve been reflecting on the Oscars and found two different paths of thought.  This week we’ll start with “Life is NOT a competition”.  From the Super Bowl to the Oscars to the Nobel Peace Prize, it seems our society is constructed as a system of winners and losers and our place in society is based on how we fare in competition.  If we lament that life is a “rat race” we must also lament that WE are the rats that built the track!  If we desire to have only winners and no losers, we must abandon our dualistic thinking, along with the idea that there is anything to compare our uniqueness again

Love Fiercely

A few weeks ago, Marianne Williamson spoke to the Unity Eastern Region ministry fall conference in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Next month the trial will begin for the man accused of killing Heather Heyer by driving a car into a group of anti-hate protesters at the Unite the Right white supremacists rally.  Marianne was passionate about taking a stand for civil rights for all and speaking out in favor of peace and love.  She said something that struck a cord with me.  She said, "The Haters have more conviction."  

Awareness Campaigns

October is the month for awareness of a number of things directly related to me:  Clergy Appreciation, Infant Loss, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Dwarfism, Disability Employment.  There are many other items featured this month and here is what is probably a partial list:  Spina Bifida, Domestic Violence, Mental Health, Mental Illness, Down Syndrome, Breast Cancer, Bullying P

Setting the bar

In the world, we find lots of rules and regulations.  Just as we find much of the Old Testament focused on rules (Ten Commandments, purity laws of the Hebrews).  Yet Unity views the Bible as a story of our evolution in consciousness.  In the New Testament, Jesus condenses the commandments down to love: Love God, Love others, Love yourself.  Jesus' teachings are focused on personal responsibility; being accountable to your own integrity for your own choices.

The Invitation

Our sermon series has been around the Ten Commandments but with a slightly different perspective than we might be used to.  Most of us learned the "Commandments" as demands God makes upon us.


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